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Santulan Veda Association was originally founded under the name "Aumec Institute for Holistic Health". Santulan and Veda are Sanskrit words meaning "Balance" and "Knowledge".The purpose of the Santulan Veda Association is to propagate the knowledge of ethical values for a holistic life and to help each individual to attain inner and outer equilibrium.This knowledge enables each person to develop his or her own potential and to thereby significantly increase one’s quality of life.

Santulan Veda Association
We invite you to learn and experience more about this knowledge of a balanced life at one of our functions.


Our Events

The Santulan Veda Association events bring to those in our society the knowledge of how to live a life in balance. The various methods and lifestyles are easy to integrate into ones daily regime and bring strength, equilibrium and well-being to each individual

  • Lectures regarding Ayurveda in everyday life, health tips, Ayurvedic home remedies
  • Ayurveda for women, pregnancy, baby massage and childcare
  • Ayurvedic health guidance
  • Basics of Ayurvedic nutrition
  • Cooking classes in the preparation of delicious and healthy meals
  • Lectures regarding the arrangement and design of houses and living space (Vastu Shastra)
  • Effective daily yoga exercises for a healthy body: SantulanKriya Yoga (SKY)
  • Harmonisation of the organism and the state of mind through spiritual and healing music
  • Spiritual, healing music concerts
  • Guidance as to how to attain deep relaxation and recharge oneself  with positive energy through an effective meditation technique: Santulan OM Meditation (SOM)
  • Cultural events with Indian music and Indian dance
  • Seminars with Shreeguru Balaji Tambe to experience and deepen the Knowledge of Life



25.10.2017 Kinder ayurvedisch wachsen lassen
Vortrag von Sujata Tambe
Ort: Schützenapotheke, München

03.11.2017 in Bremen
Ayurveda und Yoga Abendkurs
mit Maxi Rödl und Ishwari Thornton

04.11.2017 Kochkurs in Bremen
Die festliche ayurvedische Küche
mit Ishwari Thornton

11.11.2017 Kochkurs für Eltern
Ayurvedische Ernährung für Kinder
mit Sujata Tambe in München

19.11.2017 Kochkurs in München
Festliche ayurvedische Küche
speziell: Weihnachtsmenü
mit Ishwari Thornton



Kochkurse im Herbst

Informative Videos über Ayurveda und spirituelles Leben (auf youtube, englisch oder marathi).

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stay cool, don't just say 'cool'
Bericht von Shriguru Balaji
"Wie kann ein Mensch sein Verhalten ändern, um die aus dem Gleichgewicht gebrachte Natur wieder zu harmonisieren?"

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