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Babies have a special need for touch, warmth and love. It is through touch that they experience themselves and their world. In a gentle and relaxed way, massage allows the parents to develop a deep connection to their child, a connection that is of essential importance to the development of the baby’s body, mind and soul.

In Ayurveda, baby massage has natural place in everyday life and for thousands of years, this massage technique has been passed from mother to daughter. Baby massage is now quite rightly becoming more well-known and popular here, with fathers as well.

The effects of baby massage

  • helps prevent flatulence and colic,
  • improves the blood circulation in skin and muscles,
  • strengthens the immune system and helps prevent infection
  • relaxes the muscles and improves muscle tone
  • relieves tensions originating in the time before birth
  • relaxes and promotes sleep
  • develops the baby’s sense of body
  • increases the love between parent and child.

Learn ayurvedic baby massage!
Individual sessions and times by arrangement
Duration: one hour

Course instructor: Elisabeth Maierhofer,
Ayurveda Massage training in Atmasantulana Village, Indien
Baby massage according DGBM e.V.
Nurse and mother of 3 children
Location: Santulan Ayurveda, Naturopathy Practice for  Ayurveda and Natural Therapies
Wörthstr. 13, 81667 München
Course fee: 45 Euro
Registration: Tel. 089 - 44 14 03 38


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